Last updated: September 19, 2023

Principal Engineer - Applied AI

At, we challenge the status quo by incorporating advancements in AI technology into traditional software solutions. We are currently looking for an experienced Principal Engineer with a focus on Applied AI to aid us in this exciting venture.


Contract, Remote, Full-Time

What You'll Do

  • Work within a collaborative team using Angular, Vue, and C#
  • Leverage LLM services to add value to SQL and Document DB data
  • Employ your AI expertise to enhance our traditional SQL/document database reporting system
  • Use cloud native services such as Snowflake, Azure Cognitive Services, OpenAI, Llama-2, Google Vertex AI, embeddings, and vector databases to work on cutting-edge AI projects
  • Enhance and maintain integrations with Salesforce or point of sale data systems


  • Strong proficiency in Angular, Vue, and C#
  • Experience in enhancing SQL and Document DBs with LLM Services
  • Extensive experience in Applied AI, leveraging technologies like Snowflake, Azure Cognitive Services, OpenAI, Google Vertex AI, embeddings, and vector databases
  • Solid understanding of Salesforce integration or point of sale data systems
  • Excellent English language skills for client communication

Nice to Have

  • Familiarity with other AI technologies like automated machine learning, natural language processing
  • Previous experience in the delivery, logistics or business intelligence fields

What We Look For

  • Innovative and strategic thinking: We want engineers who can bring fresh ideas to our traditional systems
  • Strong problem-solving skills: You'll often need to come up with solutions that need a blend of technical and business understanding

At, you'll work on projects leveraging AI to revolutionize industries. You'll add tangible value to services and challenge the boundaries of what's possible in the digital realm.

Are you ready to help shape the tech world's future? Apply today, and let's innovate together!


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